Saturday, April 13, 2013

Send happy thoughts to Kobe

Hey guys!
So you all probably know that I am the hugest lakers fan. So today they played at 4:30 Hawaii time so I got to watch the game as soon as I got home from school. Kobe was playing amazing and intense (as usual) and the game was really close. Then in the last quarter, Kobe was down with an injury to his foot, which is later revealed to be a possible torn achilles. The laker's won by 2 points, but Kobe will need to get a MRI tomorrow and will be out for the rest of the season and next season if it indeed is a torn achilles. I just wanted to do this post for all of you laker's fans out there to let you know that I am sending him my thoughts and prayers and that I'd love for you to do the same because it sucks seeing one of the best basketball players of all time down with a injury during the uphill battle to the playoffs. 
So on another note, I got my new refrigerador today! I'll show it in a upcoming post (maybe tomorrow's). Comment letting me know what you thought of todays game if you were able to watch it and subscribe for new content daily!

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