Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I sacrifice for my health

Hey guys!
So this is a semi-serious/semi-funny post on the things that I sacrifice and give up for my health! I thought that my blog needed a new health post so I decided to do this! Here we go!
Let's start off with the serious...
I give up lots of physical stuff. Like I went running the other day and I now I have pain in my left calf right above my ankle. I also get lots of back pain from cheerleading and wrist pain from tumbling! But it's all good, and hopefully this doesn't affect me later on in life! I also try to give up ice cream and sweets, but let's be honest... it always ends up failing! Like I'll be like "no ice cream tonight" but then 5 minutes later I'm scarfing down a bowl full of it!
Now for the funny...
I gave up normal smelling pee this week! Like my mom bought lots of asparagus (which I love btw) and I ate it like every single day these past 5 days. Like my mom made some quinoa with it and I ate some with salmon and I ate it in shrimp pasta and it was really good, but that all goes out the window when I'm in the bathroom and it smells funky!
So that's what I sacrifice for my health! I'd love to hear what you sacrifice (funny or serious) also, subscribe to this blog for new content daily!

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