Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheerleading Tryouts: Day 2 Recap

Hey guys!
So yesterday I did my day 1 cheerleading recap. If you missed that post, I'll link it here. So this is my day 2 (out of 4) recap! 
So yesterday we learned the cheer and we learned the dance prior to that through a video. Today we were performing our jumps (toe touch, pike, and toe toe double nine) and our standing and running tumbling. In the rest of the time, we were adding changes to the dance and the cheer to make it more creative and difficult. So for my jumps, I think that I did pretty well because I stuck every landing and I tried my hardest to apply the corrections that I was given. For my standing tumbling, I did a standing back handspring. This was okay. I think that my start and landing was good, but my legs were probably spread and bent. My running tumbling was a roundoff multiple back handspring. I got good height on it and my legs were together and I think that this was great! So for the cheer, something fun is that we are incorporating an elevator stunt and I'm flying! I used to fly for a little bit in intermediate, but I have based ever since. So this was really fun. Tomorrow we're going to finish our dance and cheer changes and run through it! So check back for that post tomorrow. Also, don't forget to subscribe for new posts daily!

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