Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cheerleading Tryouts: Day 4

Hey guys! 
It is the last day of my cheerleading tryouts series! If you missed yesterday's post, I'll link it here. So pretty much today was judgement day. We performed the cheer and dance with our groups in front of the judges (4 of them) and were scored. I don't exactly know the results yet, but I'll find out tomorrow!
So for makeup, I did a smokey eye with silver glitter eyeliner and a little bit of glitter on my cheekbones. I also did a sheer pink lip. It was really pretty! I'll do a tutorial on that soon :D We had around 15 minutes to warm up when we first arrived and my group ran through the cheer, stunt, and dance. It was really nerve racking because I don't fly very often and I was the "flier" in the group for the cheer. After we warmed up, we sat down and they called up groups to perform. When it was finally my turn, I felt like my heart would stop because I was so nervous! But I messed up the first time we did the cheer! There is a section where I'm supposed to move to the front middle, but I forgot to! Luckily  I was able to fix it when we did the cheer again. Also, my elevator stuck! I was really nervous because I totally felt like I was going to face plant, but I didn't :D  The dance was a lot better. I think that I did the dance really well and I made small mistakes, but I don't think they were too noticeable!
So that was my day 4 recap of cheerleading tryouts! I'll let you know what the results are in tomorrows post so be on the lookout for that :D

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