Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cheerleading Tryouts: Do's and Don'ts

Hey everyone!
This is a post on cheerleading tryouts do's and don'ts. This is the second post in my cheerleading tryouts series! If you missed the first one, I'll link it here. So here are a few of my do's and dont's!

Do: use your face! 

Sometimes people forget to smile because they are focusing so hard on the dance moves or their tumbling! Use your face to make your dancing more energetic and fun. Also, if you mess up, don't let it show on your face! Performance is all about faking it till you make it! 

Don't: waste time
At a cheerleading tryout, the days leading up to the tryout are just as important as when you perform for the judges. If they see you wasting time instead of practicing, they aren't going to think of you as a hard worker or a motivated person.

Do: dress the part!
I'm going to do a post on my makeup for cheerleading tryouts or competitions soon, but I'll just let you have the abridged version here. So you want to have some heavier makeup, maybe some glitter eyeliner, and hair pulled into a high ponytail with a bow. Wear this everyday because it shows that you're prepared and poised.

Don't: watch other people (if you're trying out in groups)
At my school, we do the dance and cheer in groups at the tryouts. If this is the same at your school, just remember to learn the dance well enough so that you can do it without looking at other people! It's okay to be worried about timing, but use your peripherals instead or staring at them :D

So those were my do's and don'ts for cheerleading tryouts! If you are a cheerleader, let me know what your do's and dont's are for tryouts in the comments! Also, don't forget to subscribe and come back to this blog in a few days for my cheerleading makeup tutorial!

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