Thursday, May 23, 2013

Freakin out for Finals day 3: Acting Like a Loner

Hey everyone!
So it is time for my freakin out for finals day 3 post! If you missed day 2, I'll link it here. So today's post will be a little recap and sort of a let's recap the day type post! So lets get going...
So I didn't have a lot of classes today. I only had orch, yoga, and history and the rest of my day were breaks. Breaks that most of my friends weren't on... So instead of searching the web (or reading old temptalia/musings of a muse posts) I decided to be productive! I started filling out my chem study guide. It is really colorful because I am the type of person that gets really bored if everything is the same color. I decided to use a different color for each topic and it looks a little crazy, but it really helps me! So I did like 1/3 of that, which I think is great although I looked a little bit like a loner because I was taking up like half a picnic table with my notes and I was pretty much by myself on the table. But hey! None of that matters when I ace my finals, right? 
So that was my day 3 post for my freakin' out for finals series! Come back tomorrow for day 4 and don't forget to subscribe!

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