Friday, May 3, 2013


Hey guys!
Todays post is going to be on something that I deal with and that I think a lot of girls and boys out there deal with as well. It's having a guy friend (or girl friend) that you're really close with, but not interested in romantically. I think that this is a really awkward topic, but it is something that I've had to deal with a ton in the past 3 or 4 years and I've gotten really good at dealing with it so I thought I would share some tips as well as let y'all in on my life. 
So let's start with the backstory... I have been friends with a guy, let's call him K for around 5 years. I wasn't that close with him at first, but within the past 3 years we have gotten really close (still as friends) and we have gone through a lot with each other and we have both grown closer due to some personal events. He is the person that I chat with when I want advice on guys, schoolwork, television shows, sports, gossip, pretty much anything that you could think of. I think that I can share so much with him just because I know that he isn't secretly judging me because he's seen me through the times when I'm happy and smiling and when I'm crying and not that pretty. Just to keep everything open, we've both dated people and there has been 0 awkwardness just in case you were wondering. So that is pretty much my story of me and K. 
Some people think that you can't be friends with a guy without awkwardness or having one person liking the other. I can't speak for K, but I know that I have never once thought about him romantically and I love him, but only as a friend. I practically treat him as my brother and that is the exact relationship we have down to the teasing. So for all you guys (or girls) in the same situation as me, I got some tips for you!
1) If someone says "Do you like ______?"
I say, yes, but only as a friend or something along the lines of that. There are always going to be the drama creators that read too far into things or think that somethings going on when nothing is, but if people are generally curious, tell it like it is, but if they keep digging, move forward. 
2) If someone says "It's so obvious that you flirt with ________!"
I would say, "since when is being friendly flirting?" Or something along that line. I think that this is the time when you can either crack a joke about how you treat him no different than your other friends, but no one says that you're flirting with your friends of the same sex or you can get really defensive, which makes you look bad in the end. 
3) If someone says "You two should go out!"
I would say "thanks, but I only like him as a friend". Same as #1, but just know that most times these people have nice intentions and are trying to give a complement no matter how strange that seems, but don't take it seriously and just let them know that you're not interested in that person like that. 
So those were my few tips on having friends of the opposite sex. I really do think that this is an awkward situation that lots of people deal with and I know your pain! So leave a comment below with your stories or a tip that you have and subscribe!

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