Saturday, May 4, 2013

My new favorite movie?

Hey guys!
So my parents bought Silver Linings Playbook the other day on Amazon and we decided to watch it tonight as a family. I hadn't seen this movie before, and it was actually all of our first times watching it. And I really liked it! I thought the storyline was amazing and the actors were amazing and it just was incredible! It was one of those movies that has lots of lessons that I can take away from it and apply to my life and I think that it may have had a lasting impact on me. Some of the lessons that I think that you can take from this movie is to always find the silver linings in the bad situations, take the haters and make them your motivators, and to accept that all of us has a bit of crazy in us! 
I would totally suggest getting this movie or at least renting it and trying to watch it because I think that this has changed me and has just been so inspirational and is probably going to end up in my top 10 favorite movies! 
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