Sunday, May 19, 2013

So What Happened with Cheerleading?

Hey everyone!
So its been a few days since cheerleading tryouts and I thought it would be a good time to let you know the results! So here it is...
I made a team! I said A TEAM instead of JV or Varsity because they actually accepted everyone who tried out because they are going to make a "game only" team, a JV team, and a Varsity team, but we won't know what team we made until the end of June or early July. I'm fine with that because that's what they did last year as well, but it kind of bothers me that there are essentially two tryouts instead of the usual one. So on friday, we had our conferences with  two of the varsity coaches. They gave us a score sheet with circles showing how we did on jumps, tumbling, cheer, and dance. I did well on the jumps, cheer, and dance, but the tumbling was not that great. I got really low scores and I think that's because my standing tumbling isn't the best and I got a lot of technique comments on that. But that's okay! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :D So I'll be working on that for the second round of tryouts and I hopefully will make vars! So I can do some cheer conditioning tips if you'd like to see that in another blog post because I have some exercises that I need to start doing. Also, don't forget to subscribe for new posts daily!

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