Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Office Finale! My thoughts on the latest episode

Hey everyone!
I have been a avid watcher of "the office" for the last 3 or 4 years. I was very young when the series first premiered, but around 4 years ago I decided to start watching the series because my parents loved it and I fell in love! I have watched every episode, and some episodes (especially from seasons 2, 3, and 4) multiple times! I thought that I'd give my thoughts on the series finale in this post! Also, there are going to be SPOILERS! Just thought you should know...
So, in a nutshell, I loved this finale! It brought together everything that I loved and made me happy! I think that this could be one of the better episodes of all time, although I don't think it would be "the best". Some things about the episode that I loved were... 
1) TOBY! I loved the way that he was portrayed during this episode! He was always an outcast and a little bit hated during the series and I think this episode summed his character up perfectly! He was fired by dwight, rebuffed by nellie, living with 6 roommates and more! I just thought he was great.
2) ERIN! She finally met her mother (joan cusak) and father! I thought that this was great because she was one of the characters that was a little bit underdeveloped and I thought this was a nice end to her!
3) THE WEDDING! Angela and Dwight finally got married and I loved it! It was perfect for them from Phillis carrying Angela down the aisle, to Mose kidnapping Angela, to Dwight and the stripper! It was everything I could hope for in a mismatched wedding!
4) STEVE CARELL (MICHAEL SCOTT) He made the perfect cameo for me from the prank pulled off by Jim to the "that's what she said" It totally made me tear up a little bit!
There are more things that I loved (CREED! JIM AND PAM! ATHLEAP!) but I won't bore you with that, instead I'll say a few things that disappointed me...
1) No andy love
I wish that we would have gotten to see andy in a relationship at the end of the episode because I feel like that was a large portion of this past season, but that's really my only complaint!
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