Sunday, June 30, 2013

How much initiative is too much?

Hi guys!
So I am taking SAT Prep this summer and my baseline SAT score was 1790 or so. We took other practice SATs and I got 1610 on one of them (whoops!) and 1900 on the other one. Somehow, to my parents, this translated into me not taking this class seriously. Apparently I don't have initiative to improve myself and I'm just a lazy person. The truth of that statement is debatable, but it poses an important question. Is too much initiative a good or bad thing? and another question, is initiative unrecognized, initiative badly spent? The first question focuses on someones drive. Is it a bad thing to always strive for something more and to figure out ways to constantly improve, or is it the secret to getting everything you want? Is it better to live in the moment and enjoy it, or is it better to constantly strive for something that is perhaps unachievable? The second question focuses on validation. If you do something for yourself and only yourself, is it considered equal to spending that initiative on something more recognizable? This question is hard to describe, so I'll give an example. Is the initiative I took making my blogs ( and this blog) well spent because it makes me happy, or should I have spent that energy and taken the initiative and instead directed it towards getting better SAT scores? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I'm guessing that you have some ideas or thoughts of your own. Leave it in a comment below because this is interesting to me and I'd love to hear your thoughts on initiative and the two questions posed. 

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