Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Heat!

Hey guys!
I saw the heat at a free screening a couple of weeks ago, but since the movie doesn't release until this week, I decided to put of this blog post until today! So I won't give away any secrets or spoilers and pretty much everything I'm going to say in this post is my opinion (should you see it or not) and what's already shown in most of the trailers and commercials. But still, if you don't want to hear about the movie before you see it, you can exit out now. 
So first off, let me say this movie is hilarious! Sandra Bullock plays a FBI agent who is vying for a promotion, but is a bit of an independent person and can't work well with others. Melissa McCarthy plays a police officer who is a bad @$$ and goes after the drug dealers and those types of criminals. They end up having to work together to find and convict a drug lord. This movie is freakin hilarious! When you hear Sandra Bullock, you don't typically think "funny", but I really think that the contrast between the "goody two shoes" Sandra and the "kick butt" Melissa is what keeps this movie funny! I also think that there are some other characters in there that keep it fresh and funny. I especially thought the scenes with the albino were hilarious! One thing to note is that there is a pretty bloody scene in the middle of the movie, but its done in a funny way and even if you're squeamish at the sight of gore (like I am) I think that you'll be fine. 
My final thoughts are: if you're a parent, a teen, or at least older than 12, I think this would be great because its funny and interesting and a comedy with a well thought out and well done script. But, with that being said, parents, please don't take you young toddlers or preschoolers to this movie! I think its obvious why (crude jokes, inappropriate topics, language...) but maybe its not because when I went to see it, there were 5 year old kids in the audience! But really, I give this movie 2 thumbs up and I am probably going to see it again when it comes out because it is just that good.
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