Saturday, June 1, 2013

The start of summer

Hey everyone!
Sorry that I didn't post yesterday but I'm using an old laptop and its really slow and it couldn't handle me doing anything while I uploaded a video for my YouTube channel! But anyways, summer has started and I've started getting into my really productive state of mind and doing lots of things so let's get started!
I have been cleaning my room and totally rearranging things, which sucks because Its too soon to do updated tours but I really want to show you the new stuff! I've also been getting back into reading and I've started reading the twilight books again. I already finished twilight and I'm starting new moon. Twilight and eclipse were my favorite books and new moon was my least favorite but I figured I should read new moon and just read the series chronologically like a normal person would. I also went shopping with one of my friends today and I have a haul filed that'll be going on my YouTube channel soon!
So that's all that I've been up to in my 2 days of summer so far! Let me know what you've been doing in a comment and subscribe!
Love you all

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