Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone!
I just wanted to do a post on what I did today because I know everyone spends this holiday a little differently and I thought this would be a fun post!

I went shopping with my friend this morning and I bought a few things from bath and body works. A haul is going to be going up on my other blog (I'll link it here) soon so make sure to check for that! I came home and my dad and uncle were grilling salmon burgers, regular hamburgers, hot dogs, and some veggies for lunch. We recently got a new gril because our other one was too dangerous to use and it was fun for them to try it out for the first time! My aunt's birthday is also tomorrow, so we got a cake and celebrated that as well. It was a super yummy chocolate cake! Its the afternoon now, and I'm watching harry potter and the chamber of secrets and I'm blogging a ton! Later tonight, I'll be eating more hamburgers from lunch. I wish that fireworks weren't banned in Hawaii, though, because I love playing with sparklers! At least my neighbors do fireworks (even the illegal kind) so I get a little show outside of my window each night! On a more random note, if you'd like to see my makeup look that I wore today, I'll link it here

I'd love to know how you spent your independence day, so if you want to, you can leave a comment below letting me know what you did today!

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