Thursday, July 11, 2013

RED 2 Review

Hey everyone!
So my dad got another set of tickets to see a movie before it releases! I did a post similar to this one on "the heat" a few weeks ago, and I thought that I would do it for all the movies I go to! So this post will be on RED 2. If you haven't read my posts like these, I don't do any recaps or spoilers, but I give a basic overview (what you'd get from the trailer) and also my thoughts on whether you should see this movie or not. 
So if you're not familiar with the original RED movie, the concept is that there are retired CIA agens that have been classified as RED (retired, extremely dangerous). They are constantly being targeted by the united states (and in RED 2, other countries). This makes for a very action packed movie full of old people shooting young people. It's a comedic action movie because it's not going to be as hard core as some other action movies because the plot has a good amount of humor in it. If you haven't seen RED 1, I don't think that you have to watch it before seeing RED 2. It might be a good idea to read the wikipedia summery of the first movie to get an idea of the characters, but the original plot of the first movie doesn't carry over into the second movie, but the same characters are present. There are also new characters and Anthony Hopkins (you may know him as Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs) is hilarious as a old crazy guy! 
Do I think you should see this movie? Absolutely! I was really tired when I went to see the movie because I just came from practice and I was super exhausted. Usually in a average to boring movie, I would be falling asleep or in the stage where I'm awake, but mentally out of it. In this movie, the plot and the action was great that I stayed awake the whole time! I went with my dad, and he also isn't a huge movie person, but he said this movie is better than the original red and that he would see it again because it was that good! I think this would be a great date movie or a family movie (if you have older kids) because its not too action packed that girls would hate it and its not too girly that guys would hate it! 
If you have any other questions on this movie, leave them below and I'll answer them for you, but I hope this was useful for you! Also, if you've seen the original RED movie, who's your favorite character?

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