Thursday, July 18, 2013

Secrets to Grilling

Hey everyone!
My dad and I were grilling steaks and vegetables last night for dinner, so I thought that I could do a post letting you all know some of our tips and secrets to getting really yummy food!

Before you start: 
1) Make sure that you either oil the vegetables and food that you're going to grill, or you oil the actual grill. I prefer oiling the vegetables. 
2) Preheat the grill and get it pretty hot so you can get a good sear on the steak. 

1) Toss in oil, salt, and pepper to season before placing on the gril. 
2) Try to put "like by like" so that all the onions are close together and all the asparagus are close together so removing them is easier. 
3) "Test" the doneness by seeing if a fork can pass through easy (for asparagus and harder veggies) or when the skin starts puckering (for tomatoes and peppers). 
4) Also, remember to use foil packets to cook small vegetables so they don't fall through the grates. 

1) My favorite marinade for steak is italian dressing! You can also toss in oil with salt and pepper like the vegetables
2) Place on the grill and don't move! You can gently lift it up, to ensure you get grill lines. Then move 90° so you can get the "criss cross" lines. 
3) Keep a thermometer handy so you can test the "doneness" if it isn't apparent from the outside. 
4) Make sure to let the meat rest, so you don't get blood and juices everywhere. 
5) Cut against the grain so it is easier to bite and eat. 

After you're done:
1) Clean the grill grates. The one on my grill is removable, so we can wash it, but if yours isn't, just make sure to get the charred bits off of it. 
2) Empty the oil pan if your grill has one.

Hope this was helpful for all of you grilling newbies! Also, if you have some secrets of your own, leave them in the comments!

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