Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Hey guys!
So I have not been posting that much at all recently, but I've been on my trip!
I am in Cali at the moment and I thought that I would do some posting on where I have been. I've been looking at some colleges because I'm going to have to start thinking about college soon and I've also been hanging with my family as it is a family trip! 
San Francisco
We went to San Francisco! It was amazing and we went to the exploratorium at one of the piers as well as the aquarium at pier 39. Ghirardelli Square (sorry if I spelt that wrong) had amazing ice cream sundaes! I went to visit USF and I love the campus there! I also loved the weather because it was nice and cool! 
Monterey Bay
I was at monterey bay for a few days. We went shopping and I'll do a haul on some of the stuff on my other blog once I get home. I also went to the monterey aquarium, which was fantastic! I also found a great taco/mexican place called California Tacos or something like that. It's really close to the Monterey Embassy Suites for reference. 

So that's where I've been the past few days! I'll try to post more frequently during the next week and a half of my trip, but I'm not sure how often that'll be!

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