Thursday, August 22, 2013

Desk Organization!

Hey everyone!
I organized my desk and rearranged a lot yesterday and I want to do another what's on my desk type post!

Okay! So starting on the left and going to the right. In the back I have a mini file thing. In the bottom I have wallflowers and the top 2 have school supplies. The top one has pencils. One of the containers on the desk has mini notepads and a mirror and another container has pens and pencils. I also have a sticky note and lock. I have my television in the back and my laptop in the front. Next to the tv there is a fan and next to it there are 2 birchbox containers for storage under my bag. I also have some small containers for random stuff, tape, my retainer, and some lip balms. This is so much better because I have more room on my desk and its so much neater!

Let me know what you think of this organization in the comments!

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