Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's My Birthday!

Hey everyone!
I am super excited today because its my birthday! I am crazy busy today because I have registration for school (like when I get my schedules and locker) and I also have cheerleading practice. I don't really know if I'm going to do a haul on my birthday presents because I feel like on one hand, it's interesting and is something I would like to see from others, but because I didn't buy it with my own money, it can be seen as a little "braggy". Let me know in the comments what your thoughts on it are! Its been so crazy and something that I do every year is my 5 goals to accomplish before the next year. Sort of like new years resolutions, but different! So I thought I could share mine with you!

1) Get over 1900 on my SATs! 
Lets be honest this one is so nerdy! But SATS are so important this year for me and I am going to be happy if I get above a 1900! BTW on my practice SATs I score around 1960

2) Love and Be Loved
This is so cheesy! But I don't mean this romantically, I just want to strengthen my friendships and surround myself with good influences this year because last year was a little cray cray (crazy). 

3) Get my license! 
Technically I could have gotten it today, but I am a huge procrastinator and I haven't even gotten my permit! I better get on it! LOL

4) Hang out with friends at least 3 weekends out of a month!
Last year I was so school involved and I didn't really schedule in time to go shopping or to the movies with friends so I need to do that this year!

5) Have no regrets
I want to live everyday to the fullest and enjoy my junior year in high school! It only happens once!

So that was my birthday ramblings! Let me know what you think of the birthday haulin in the comments!

Love you all :D

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