Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jockey Workout Clothes Haul

Hey everyone!
When I was at the outlets in Las Vegas, I went to a Jockey store and they were having a great sale. So I bought some sports bras. I know that this is kind of a weird haul and post, but let's be honest girls. Having cute sports bras to wear makes working out so much more fun! 

I got a green and a pink bra. I am in love with the pink one because I felt like I was the only girl ever who didn't have a pink sports bra! Like what in the world! I also love the green one because it was so pretty. I also got these on a great sale because they were originally $30 each, but on sale they were $9 each, but with the sale that they were having, I got them for $7 each! Yay!

So that was my weird, random, sports bra haul! Let me know if cute workout clothes makes working out fun for you, because it does for me!

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