Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Fitness Inspiration

Hey everyone! 
I've been really into these inspiration type posts lately and I'll have another one on this blog soon and a couple on my other blog. I can do another post linking all of them once I get them up! But this is my fitness inspiration...

I used to be a dancer, but I gave that up for cheerleading, but this picture is so gorgeous and makes me miss dancing!

I am not the biggest cardio person, but I am so motivated to run when I see pictures like this!

Another picture that inspires me to run and exercise more often.

An amazing quote and a picture that inspires me to focus on flexibility and work hard on stretching every day. 

I took yoga last year during school, but I haven't practiced it in a while! This picture makes it fun and I need to do it more often!

So that was some of my fitness inspiration! I'll do another one on food and nutrition later! Leave a comment below if you like these posts because I can totally do them more often!


  1. the second one inspires us to get more felexible too. If we did that now, we'd probably pop our hips!


  2. I totally need to work on my flexibility too!