Friday, August 30, 2013

Sprained fingers are fun

Hey everyone!
So I'm posting on the blogger mobile app so I'm not quite sure how this will end up looking but as you can probably tell I sprained my finger! It's not the most exciting story ever but I thought that why not share it with you guys! So that's what I'm doing! 
So at cheer 2 days ago we were tumbling. I am totally that person who tires easy and doesn't like to do a lot of back handsprings especially standing. So when we did a lot I started to lose focus and my hand went straight into the ground fingers first! It was awful and it hurt and we were doing cheers afterward and it was so hard to make a fist! Then we stunted and we did elevator full downs and my finger got smashed during the cradle. So now it's swollen and bruised...
That's the story of my sprained finger! Let me know if you like these random storyish posts in the comments!


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