Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dislocated Shoulder

Hey everyone!
As I bet you all know from the title, I have dislocated my shoulder. It hurts a lot and is really sore and I'm going to go to the doctors today, but I thought it would be fun to share with you how I dislocated it. Just a note, it's not very graphic at all because it was really quick, yet painful, but if you do not want to read this, then don't!
So I was at a class at a cheerleading gym with my team. I was doing standing back handsprings and on one of them that I did on the ground (flat, spring floor), I got to the half way point, where I am essentially in a handstand position. Then I feel like it all went super slow motion. I heard a loud crack, then I felt a pop. I couldn't possibly land that handspring after that so I kind of crumpled to the floor on my knees when I felt another pop and I think that's when my shoulder popped into place. It hurt a lot so I was grabbing my shoulder (that didn't help the pain at all) and I told my coach. He said that it probably just popped out then in and that it looked fine, so I went on and continued to tumble because at that point I didn't know that i dislocated my shoulder. So I get home and it starts hurting a lot when I move my shoulder in a full swing, so I iced it and took some pain meds and googled dislocated shoulders. Apparently, that is what I did so I went to sleep and here I am now typing out my story!

So I would really appreciate for those of you who've gone though the same thing to let me know how you healed yours quickly and give me some advice in the comments!

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  1. Dislocating your shoulder is never a good news. But I'm pleased to hear that you seem fine after putting ice on them. Resting your injured shoulder and trying not to strain it by avoiding chores and activities that might put pressure into it will help the tissues heal. However, though you might be feeling well and great now, it's still ideal to have it checked by a specialist to make sure that no further damage was made.
    Sienna @ Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine