Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Real Me TAG!

Hey everyone!
So a great blogger, Jenna from Northern Beauty 85 made a TAG as sort of a "get to know me" type of post and I thought that I would do it very quickly for you! So here it is!

Share your dream career!
I have no clue! Its been crazy looking at colleges and all that and there are a few things that I could definitely see myself doing including teaching and becoming an athletic trainer/physical therapist! It is still so likely to change and I have no clue what I'll actually end up doing!
Share the chore you hate doing
I hate folding other peoples clothes and I also hate loading the dishwasher! 

Share your best childhood memory
I was in the nutcracker every year for around 8 years when I was little and my best childhood memory was me in Kindergarden in a cupcake costume walking on stage and dancing!

Share one thing you would love to learn to do!
I would love to learn how to fish because if you follow this blog, its no secret that I love fishing shows and I am so in love with the concept! I just need someone with a few hooks and a boat to teach me!

Share a bad experience that turned into something good
When I was in 6th grade, I tried out for intermediate cheerleading and I didn't make the team. I found out through letters that they gave each kid because they thought it would be easier for them to handle rather than face to face. The next day, I found out that I had been given the wrong letter and that I actually made the team!

Last book you read?
I'm currently reading the Great Gatsby! I love it! It's so interesting and if you haven't read it, you definitely should!

Favorite form of physical activity?
Cheerleading! Enough Said!

Share one amazing thing about where you live!
Everything! I love the weather, the fact that any day of the year you can go to the beach and it'll look picturesque and the fact that there are mountains and oceans and everything imaginable in a few tiny islands!

So those were my answers! I would love to hear yours, so leave it in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe for more personal tags like these!

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