Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dislocated Shoulder Update

Hey everyone!
So its been around a month since I've dislocated my shoulder and I went to the orthopedic doctor again and I thought that I would do a update for you guys! In case you missed the first post, I'll link it here for your convenience! 
So I almost have full range of motion again! If I move it up and to the side it almost gets to the top, but there is a little bit of resistance. The bad news is that my shoulder still hurts if I move my arm anywhere if front or across of my body. I thought that I was around 70% better, and after my ortho doctor looked at me, she agreed. Unfortunately  in Hawaii, right now is cheerleading competition season. I already sat out of the first competition and the next one is next week friday. I honestly am not one of those people who will push themselves to try and recover sooner and I'm going to take my doctor's advice and wait until I'm 85-90% better before I tumble or base again! Also for all you cheerleaders out there, don't fret about dislocated shoulders! My doctor says that it is very unlikely for it to pop out in the first place and it is only around 30% likely to recur, but that's only with bad form or if you don't rehab it correctly the first time! Also I know that I've said this so much before, but thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts and all that because I really do appreciate it! Let me know if you have any other questions, comments, or whatever in the comments section!

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