Friday, October 11, 2013

Favorite TV Shows! Fall 2013

Hey everyone!
I have a new post for you guys! Its my favorite tv shows of the season! These are some of my favorite posts to write, because let's face it, I love my television! So let's get started! 

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition
I love this show, but it isn't a must watch for me. I think that this is a show that I watch only when nothing else is on, but I love the contestants especially Jo Jo! She is too cute!

OMG! If you are a castle fan like myself, the first two episodes of this season were amazing! You should totally check out this show if you like crime dramas! 

The Mindy Project
The first comedy! I love this because it is so hilarious! Mindy Kaling is freaking amazing and if you haven't seen an episode of this, you should!

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Another show that I'm sort of but not really keeping up on. I watch it sometimes, but I don't have to watch this show every week

Master Chef Junior
This show is amazing! If you like cooking shows or kids, or both, you should watch this show! It's kids 8-13 cooking and they are so amazing! 

Million Dollar Listings
This show is my guilty pleasure! I love all of the drama, and I think that it is such a good reality show because it is not overly dramatic or anything like that and it's so addicting!

The Middle
I LOVE THIS SHOW! If you're going to watch one show from this list, this should be it! It is so underrated, but amazing!

Modern Family
A great comedy, and I'm sure everyones at least watched one episode of this!

Brooklyn 99
A new comedy, that is freaking hilarious! I love the entire cast and I really hope this show is renewed because it is great!

So good! I love this I am so excited to see how this season unfolds!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team
This show is amazing! I am a cheerleader and I love this show and I think that its awesome seeing the audition process and all of that!

So these are my favorite shows of Fall 2013! Let me know yours in the comments!

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