Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #2 ♡

Hey everyone!
This is the second inspirational quote post! If you haven't seen last week's post, I'll link it here for you! So this week I've been feeling stressed and down and I think I'll go over all that in my next post, and I needed some motivational and inspiring quotations to get me through the week! So here are my three favorites!
This first quote is so amazing! It is from Albert Einstein and the premise of it is pretty much that everyone has their own thing and that no two people can be compared because they are amazing and incredible in their different ways! I also think that the analogy in this is so funny with the fish and the tree!

 Another lovely quote! This one is by Roald Dahl and it focuses on beauty, which has been one of my insecure areas this past few weeks. I haven't been cheering as much because I am injured and I have struggled with my body image and feeling like I'm eating so dang much and not working it off and this quote was a source of comfort in knowing that its inner beauty that matters instead of outer beauty, which is something everyone knows of, but not necessarily uses. 

First off, with this quote I am not a hugely religious person. I do go to church once a week or so because my school is christian and it is scheduled into my school weeks, but this quote speaks to me. It is sort of like everything happens for a reason and if you can't quite see that reason, something good will happen in the future for you. 

So these were my favorite quotes of the week! Let me know yours in the comments below and if you have any quotes you love or live by, share them with me because I'd love to hear them!

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