Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #3

Hi y'all!
So it is another sunday funday, which means that its time for my next inspirational quotes of the week post! This week has been crazy for me because I've been feeling more rebellious, edgy, and killer, which I think has impacted my quotes. This week, theres none of the cutesy quotes. All of these are killer, motivational, no bull$h!t stuff! So lets get started!

Later this week, I'll post a very personal post on my life for the past couple months and I think that this quote fits well with that post. I think its easy to let the small things knock you down and I think its even easier to stay down, but hardships prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny!

I think that in a lot of my friends and my life, now is a time of stress and struggle because its the end of a quarter and people are going through different life milestones and this quote is just so meaningful and great. 

This is a KICK@$$ quote! This is a no BULL$H!T, and no excuse quote. I think that people need to take responsibility for themselves and take action and this quote, is freaking awesome at that. 

So those were my inspirational quotes of the week! Let me know if you have inspirational quotes that you'd like to share with me and also, let me know which quote is your favorite!

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