Friday, October 18, 2013

Sad Days

Hey everyone!
So honestly I haven't felt like myself in around a month when I dislocated my shoulder. At school I've been the same person, positive, happy, bubbly, whatever, but at home I was quiet, standoffish, and angry all the time. Today my mom was yelling at me about my shoulder because I was cleared today and I am so freaked out to tumble again, but she doesn't get it. For me, I was always the girl that could do whatever I needed to and I never had a mental block, but I am so petrified and freaked out that I'm going to injure myself again. I think that this injury impacted me mentally and physically and emotionally and it got really overwhelming, but I kept it all in to myself. I let it build up and today I broke and I had probably one of my worst breakdowns ever. I was literally sobbing on my bathroom floor for 15 minutes straight before I could get myself into the shower. The point of me sharing this with you guys is not for sympathy or worry or anything like that, but I wanted to show that I'm human too and I have bad days like this sometimes. I also think that it is important not to let stuff like this down and to keep moving forward. I coped with this by blogging my ass off tonight (4 posts, whoop whoop!) and tweeting y'all (you should follow me btw!) And I think that while crying and letting emotions out is healthy and good, you can't let yourself stay in that sad place because you'll slowly start losing your motivation. I hope that a lot of you can relate to this post, and I'll be doing happier posts in the next few days!
Love you all!

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