Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dirty Secrets TAG

Hey everyone!
I recently found this tag and I thought it would be fun to do! If you are young or if you don't want to read about my dirty secrets, please check out another post on this blog, but if you want to hear my answers to this tag, read on!

1) what was your first cuss word?
"crap" was my first bad word that I said, but some people don't really count that as a "swear word" so if you don't then it would be "sh!t".
2) what was your first r-rated movie?
I don't know exactly, but maybe the Hangover?
3) who was your first kiss?
Just a guy that I went to school with. I don't want to put names just for the sake of privacy.
4) what do you wear to sleep?
Underwear and a V neck shirt.
5) have you ever seen your parents doing it?
6) have you ever cheated?
7) what kind of undies do you wear?
It depends on the day, but usually hipsters or cheekies.
8) have you ever pooped your pants?
Not since I've been potty trained!
9) have you ever had a fantasy dream about a celebrity?
Not that I remember, but maybe!
10) what's your favorite feature on your crush or significant other?
Eyes or build. Like I like athletic guys that are toned, but not overly body buildery ripped. 

So that was my answers to the dirty secrets tag! If you are comfortable answering these questions (or even one question), leave your answers in the comments because I would love to see it!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Music Favorites!

Hey everyone!
I've been going through another one of my music phases and I've been listening to more alternative, indie, type music. I'm still loving my dubstep and EDM, but I've found myself listening to these songs on repeat all the time! Haha but I'm going to start the Christmas music soon :D So let's get started!

Counting Stars - One Republic
Love, love, love this song! It's so good and I cant believe that its taken me so long to find it! I bet this is a song that everyone will love!

Feel Again - One Republic
Lol another One Republic song! But I've been loving to listen to them a lot recently! This song is also very amazing and I've been listening to this a lot today (actually I'm listening to it now as I write this post!)

Let Her Go - Passenger
This song has like the saddest lyrics, but I love how relaxing and soothing it is! 

Brokenhearted - Karmin
I feel like I include this song in every post! Haha but its my jam, my lady jam (pitch perfect reference!). But really this song is amazingness!

So those were my music favorites of the moment! Let me know what yours are in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Be Thankful

Hi lovelies!
It is thanksgiving tomorrow (I'm writing this late wednesday night) and I wanted to share with you guys some thoughts and reflections that I've been having. I think that this year, more than any other year, I've grown up emotionally and mentally and I think that its time that I recognize and thank the people in my life that I take for granted. I know a lot of other people do it too, but I realize that I don't take time to tell the people I love how I feel, and I expect them to be mind readers or something! So although like nobody that I'm really close to knows about this blog, I'll thank them here (and in person tomorrow!) and hopefully I'll inspire you guys to thank the important people in your life!

These are the "moral support" system in my life. I think that my parents especially have been feeling the extra pressure because college is on the horizon and although I haven't been seeing eye to eye with them on many things regarding my future, I am still very thankful for the education and life they've given me. 
I truly believe that siblings are the people who get what you're going through the best. Although friends get your school life, siblings get what you're going though at home with your parents and all of that (at least if you're my age) and they are another great support system!
That Friend
Yes that friend that you can tell anything to, who you rant to at 2 am in the morning, who will drop everything to be by your side. I don't know who this person is for you, but I know that I have 3 very good friends like this :D
The Other Friends
The friends who make you live life to the fullest. Who make you a better person, fill you with energy, and all that! I challenge you to thank as many of these friends as you can on thanksgiving!
Your Spouse/BF/GF (If Applicable)
Haha this isn't applicable to me at all! But if you have one, thank them for loving you how you love them :D
Advisors/Teachers/Trusted Adults
Whoever these people are, you should thank them for being there for you when you're in need. These people guide you through the rough patches in life and are a role model for who you aspire to be!

So I know that this list isn't complete, but its what I thought was important! If I'm missing anything big (which I probably am saying its like 11 at night), leave it in a comment! Also, a big thank you to all of you reading this blog because it literally amazes me that people care about me, my life, my ideas, and it gives me such an amazing feeling that I love!
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

So Sore!

Hey guys!
So I had gymnastics yesterday and I was working on my standing tucks for literally like an hour straight! I was doing them off of a panel mat onto a foam mat by myself! It was so I wouldn't hurt if I ate it on my face because I can't land it right, but it was on a flat surface so it was still sort of the same thing! But today I woke up and I'm so sore! My abs hurt from the action of "tucking" because literally that's all abs! But then my back hurts too and so does my neck! Its so crazy and I've been popping the pills today! Haha this is such a random post and I have no clue why I'm writing it, but that's a little update on my life today! I'll try to post more things like these because I think its fun to give you guys little sneak peaks into my life!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #6

Hey guys!
So this past week has been wonderful for me and I have felt really happy for the first time in a while. I am so excited for this post and to share some of my amazing finds with you guys! So lets get started!

I just realized that this is the only "inspirational" quote on the list! But this is so true and I think that its important for us to take action rather than stay sedentary because action leads to achievement and laziness leads to competency. 


One of my best guy friends was texting me the other day and was like, "why were you so happy this week?" and I was like, "I'm just a naturally happy person!" and this quote totally matches with what I was saying! Plus it's the official start of the holidays this week, so its so appropriate!

This is just a really cute quote! I saw it and was like, "awwww!" I just love this quote because I am such a romantic at heart!

So those were my inspirational quotes of the week! Let me know what yours are in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog for more life updates!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

25 Random Question TAG!

Hey everyone!
I was tagged by Madeline from Wonderland in a Wardrobe to do the 25 Random Question TAG! I was originally going to do this on my other blog, which I'll link here for you guys, but I thought that it fit better with this blog because its less beauty related and more personal! So its a pretty long tag so lets get started!
Do you have any pets?
No I don't! I really want a dog or a cat, but my mom is so allergic!
Three things that are physically close to you?
My laptop (obviously), my bed, and my phone!
What's the weather like right now?
Very nice! Its partially cloudy and warm and gorgeous! Which is a shock because it was very gray earlier!
Do you drive? If so, have you crashed?
I am old enough to drive, but I haven't got my permit yet! Haha procrastinator! So nope!
What time did you wake up this morning?
When was the last time you showered?
Last night!
What was the last movie you saw?
The last movie I saw in a theatre was The Heat and the last movie I saw on demand was the Internship! Btw both are really great movies!
What does your last text message say?
"lol awks" haha thats pretty funny!
What is your ringtone?
Its the normal apple one thats like default. I think its called marimba or something? But I really want to change it to the duck sound!
Ever been to another country?
Nope! But I really want to!
Do you like sushi?
Is this even a question! I'm Japanese so I LOVE Sushi!
Where do you buy your groceries?
Costco, Sams Club, or Foodland (a hawaii store...)
Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep?
Not on purpose, but I've taken benadryl and I've felt drowsy.
How many siblings do you have?
I have 2! A younger brother and a younger sister!
Do you have a desktop computer or laptop?
I have a family desktop, but I get laptops from my school each year so I usually use that unless its summer!
How old will you turn on your next birthday?
Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Yes! I wear contacts to school, but glasses at home.
Do you color your hair?
Not on purpose! But my friends and family have said my hair is looking a lot lighter lately!
Something you're planning to do today?
Write a few blog posts for my other blog, do some math homework, and facebook!
Last time you've cried?
A month ago when I had a slight breakdown. I did a post on it, which I'll link here if you'd like to read all about it! BTW that post is really hard for me to read and it probably doesn't make that much sense, but I am totally not normally like that and I'm completely better now!
What is your perfect pizza topping?
Cheese+Pepperoni+Mushrooms = Heaven! I really don't like pizza hut pizza though, like Papa Johns is 1000X better!
Do you prefer hamburgers or cheeseburgers?
Have you pulled an all nighter before?
Yeah, when I was young and I wanted to stay up all night on Christmas Eve, but I am actually really good at going to sleep at a decent hour!
What's your eye color?
Brown! (haha how boring!)
Can you taste the difference between pepsi and coke?
Yes, but I love them both! I am an avid diet soda drinker (Love diet coke and diet pepsi, but diet mountain dew is pretty good too!)

So thanks for sticking through that long post! I'm not going to tag individual people, but I would really love it if you did this tag or at least answered a few of the questions in the comments so I can read them! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more fun tags!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top 5 Tips: How to Deal with DRAMA

Hey everyone!
So this post really hits close to me right now because there is a lot of drama going on in my life! A lot of it has to do with a frienemy, cheerleading, and my best friends and I thought it would be super helpful to share with you guys my top 5 tips on how to deal with drama!

1) Hang out with friends (like actual friends)
So what I've been doing is because a lot of my drama is happening with the cheerleaders on my squad, I've been hanging out with a lot of other people! I have been hanging out with some new people that I don't really know that well, some bffs, and other people! You want to surround yourselves with people who make you happy, so by hanging around people you actually like, you'll feel instantly better!
2) Lay low!
This is one of the tips that a guy friend gave me. He told me to avoid a couple who I am friends with (both the guy and the girl are my friends) while they go through their relationship drama so that I am not forced to pick sides! The best way to deal with drama, is to minimize being in the drama!
3) Vent!
I vent about drama, gossip about drama, and chat about my frustrations in general literally ALL THE TIME! Venting totally makes me feel better and its better to let your emotions out than keeping it in!
4) Prioritize
This is a big one because especially if you are still in school (middle and high school especially) drama can feel like your life! It can totally take over your mind and make you procrastinate over some more important things! I try to prioritize and leave room to vent and chat about the stuff going on, but I also know my priorities and try to spend my time on the important stuff!
5) Don't drag yourself into it! (unless you must)
This is a hard tip, but I think that it makes sense! There are people who like to be the attention, and its no problem if you're one of these people! But if you are trying to deal with the drama, it really isn't the smartest thing to go around gossiping and spreading rumors! With that being said, if people are talking smack about you, I'm all for confrontation, but think about whether its worth it to drag yourself into the drama!

So those were my top 5 tips! Let me know your tips for dealing with drama in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog for more nutrition, fitness, and life posts!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #5

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry that I didn't get my inspirational quotes of the week post up last week, but I have this weeks one here for you! I found these quotes on pinterest and I thought that these were very inspirational and I really liked them once I read them so here they are!

I love this quote so much because it's really true! At school right now there is a lot of drama that I am trying my dang hardest to stay out of because drama leads to sadness, madness, craziness and it is a proven fact that the happy girls are the prettiest! 

This quote is so true! I can't believe how many times friends or people I go to school with make the same mistakes with their relationships, schoolwork, life and this quote really sums everything that I think up!

Another quote that I love! This quote doesn't have a personal meaning or story to go along with it, but I just saw this quote and I was like, "Hell Yeah!" because this quote is true and makes sense! 

So those were my 3 inspirational quotes of the week! Let me know what your favorite quotes are in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You Can Make A Difference (Philippines Typhoon)

Hey everyone!
So this is a serious topic, but one that is near and dear to my heart. As you guys probably have heard, there was a crazy typhoon in the Philippines last week. There were initial estimates that 10,000 people have died, but the official tally is only around 2,000, which is still a hell of a lot of people. This is very near to my heart because although I am not Filipino (I'm Japanese and Okinawan fwi), I live in Hawaii, and I know a lot of people who have family in the Philippines and are personally affected by this tragedy. One friend told me that she doesn't even know if her cousin is alive because they don't have a lot of usable phones because they were destroyed in the houses. I'm not saying all this to try and get you to donate, but I would really appreciate it if you would because every bit of money, support, and love we can give to them, would be amazing. I'll link the red cross page here for you guys if you'd like to donate money, which would be amazing. But if you don't have the means to donate some money, please keep these men and women in your thoughts because they are going through something unfathomable to me and we need to pray for their health and safety. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quick Weekend Update

Hey everyone!
I totally thought that I would be blogging more over the weekend, but I didn't! Whoops! But I have a good excuse and my weekend was crazy busy! So lets start off with friday. I had school and I came home and I totally vegged out. I watched some television, ate a ton of food, and chilled, which as you will see, will become a recurring theme in this post! Then on saturday, I woke up at an ungodly hour (7!) to go volunteer at a great organization that provides meals to bedridden elderly people. Then I got home and wait for it... watched more television. Later that night, my parents took me and my sister to an amazing udon restaurant and I ate... a lot! Then sunday morning I went to gymnastics and tried to burn off some of those calories from the night before. Also, in exciting news, I did my standing tuck by myself on the cheese mat (wedge) and I landed! Alleluia! Then I gained back all those burned calories when I ate pizza for lunch and I helped my mom make a turkey and potatoes and stuffing for dinner. I know! Who eats a "thanksgiving meal" when thanksgiving is literally like 2 weeks away? In my mom's defense, thanksgiving food was on sale so we're eating it now and then! But it was really yummy and I made some freaking amazing garlic mashed potatoes if I do say so myself! Then that leads us to today. I woke up and realized I have a mountain of homework that I've been trying to do today! That being said, I did watch a lot of television (american dad when I was writing some psych and english papers) and movies (the internship) but I got most of my homework done! So I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting as much on this blog especially  lately, but I will put in more effort now! Also, come check back in a few days because I'll put up my Inspirational Quotes post a little late this week too! LOL procrastination at its best :P
So I'll see you in a few day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Yet another injury...

Hey everyone!
So I sort of popped my shoulder again! I know what you're thinking "didn't you just dislocate your shoulder like 2 months ago?" and yes, in fact I did, but I re-injured it again. So this post will be on my injury so if you want to hear more about it, then keep reading!
So I was doing a shoulder sit, where I lift a girl up and over my head so she sits on my shoulders. Its pretty simple and I was doing it pretty easily! Then one time when we were doing it, when she jumped up and I was lifting her, my shoulder rolled. It didn't roll all the way out of the socket, but it got to the edge of the socket and back in. It hurt and stung a bit at first, but it wasn't anything near the pain I felt the first time I dislocated my shoulder. That could be because I was used to the feeling of my shoulder popping out, because I knew my shoulder was "looser", or because it wasn't as severe as the first time! But it was still scary as heck! After that, we were supposed to go and do a little bit of weight lifting, but I didn't do any arm lifts or shoulder exercises because I was deathly afraid of making the injury first, although after the first 10 minutes after it popped, it didn't hurt as much. And now its a day later, and I have my full range of motion (yay!) but it is a little sore and painful when I try to lift my arms all the way up or move it in certain ways, and it does feel like a lot of dead weight, but I think I'll recover quickly!
So that was pretty much it! If you have any experience with recurring shoulder dislocations, let me know how you deal with it because I am trying as hard as possible to strengthen my shoulder so it doesn't pop out because I know if it keeps happening, I'll have to get surgery!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #4

Hey everyone!
So sorry that this post is going up late, but my last post was just so personal and I thought that it would be better for me to post that before this post! So here are my favorite quotes of the week!

 This quote is so simple, yet so true! I think that it is something that everyone knows deep down inside, or at least I know that deep down inside, but we need to be reminded of! I like to think that spontaneity is what makes life fun and I think that sometimes I get too focused on what I need to do that I can't enjoy the little things in life! 

This quote is so meaningful to me right now because I am going through a big life change right now involving whether I want to continue cheerleading next year and I know that I will regret it if I do, do cheerleading, next year, but my parents think otherwise and I love this quote because it verifies what I already know, which is that I know myself best and I need to do what's right for me, rather than what other people believe to be right for me. 

This quote doesn't really have any meaning to me, but I love this as a little confidence booster because I am "little" barely making the 5 foot mark, but I am totally fierce, or so I like to believe. Everyone needs a quote that will pick them up when they're feeling bad about appearances or when they feel insecure, and this is that quote for me!

So those were my 3 favorite quotes of the week! Let me know which of these quotes are your favorite or if you have a completely different quote that you love in the comments below! Also, to see my previous weeks inspirational quotes, click the tab at the top of the page that says "inspirational quotes!"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fake it Till You Make it

Hey guys!
Something that I've had problems with is getting into times when I get down and stay down. It happened around 2 months ago when I dislocated my shoulder and because I couldn't cheerlead for around a month and a half, I got into a funk where nothing could cheer me up. I became angry, distant, closed off, and I isolated myself from others. I have a feeling that during ones life, one goes through times of sadness and loss of motivation at least once. I got out of that part of my life around three weeks ago, but I wanted to share some of my reflections on that with you guys.
Ever since I started cheerleading, the coaches and my teammates always said "fake it till you make it". I'm sure this is a saying that all of you have heard too. It didn't occur to me what this actually meant until now. I think that sometimes in life, there are times when you get kicked down, and you can fake it and show the person you want to be, or you can stay down and close yourself off to life and the world. If you are going through something like what I have, and I'm sure someone whos reading this post is, I just want to say that life continues to go on and you only get older with each day. Life waits for no one and live the life you want to live, or at least act like it because one day you'll wake up and realize that you've healed and you're standing on your two feet again. I know that times like these are difficult, believe me, I know, but if you don't wake up tomorrow, I want you to go feeling like you've been the best person you could be and that you've lived the life you've wanted to rather than hiding in your shell. 
I love you guys all so much and I can't tell you guys how happy I've been to feel like myself and to do what I love doing and fully appreciate it. I hope that this post helped someone, and if you are going through rough periods of life, please email me ( because although I don't know any of you guys personally, I will be there for you guys like you have been there for me!
Love you all!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ask Sisi: Introduction

Hi everyone!
I have recently been watching Nikki Phillippi's Ask Nikki P channel where she answers some questions she received in comments, emails, and from twitter. I don't have nearly as many followers or readers as she has, but I kind of want to start the same thing. I think that right now I'll keep it to a once a week post with a couple of questions, but if the number of questions submitted each week increases, I'll up the posts per week! So if you have any blogging, personal, or questions about me, leave them in a comment, email them to, or tweet them to @a_modern_girl. I'll try my best to answer all the questions and I'm so excited for this series!