Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #4

Hey everyone!
So sorry that this post is going up late, but my last post was just so personal and I thought that it would be better for me to post that before this post! So here are my favorite quotes of the week!

 This quote is so simple, yet so true! I think that it is something that everyone knows deep down inside, or at least I know that deep down inside, but we need to be reminded of! I like to think that spontaneity is what makes life fun and I think that sometimes I get too focused on what I need to do that I can't enjoy the little things in life! 

This quote is so meaningful to me right now because I am going through a big life change right now involving whether I want to continue cheerleading next year and I know that I will regret it if I do, do cheerleading, next year, but my parents think otherwise and I love this quote because it verifies what I already know, which is that I know myself best and I need to do what's right for me, rather than what other people believe to be right for me. 

This quote doesn't really have any meaning to me, but I love this as a little confidence booster because I am "little" barely making the 5 foot mark, but I am totally fierce, or so I like to believe. Everyone needs a quote that will pick them up when they're feeling bad about appearances or when they feel insecure, and this is that quote for me!

So those were my 3 favorite quotes of the week! Let me know which of these quotes are your favorite or if you have a completely different quote that you love in the comments below! Also, to see my previous weeks inspirational quotes, click the tab at the top of the page that says "inspirational quotes!"

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