Monday, November 11, 2013

Quick Weekend Update

Hey everyone!
I totally thought that I would be blogging more over the weekend, but I didn't! Whoops! But I have a good excuse and my weekend was crazy busy! So lets start off with friday. I had school and I came home and I totally vegged out. I watched some television, ate a ton of food, and chilled, which as you will see, will become a recurring theme in this post! Then on saturday, I woke up at an ungodly hour (7!) to go volunteer at a great organization that provides meals to bedridden elderly people. Then I got home and wait for it... watched more television. Later that night, my parents took me and my sister to an amazing udon restaurant and I ate... a lot! Then sunday morning I went to gymnastics and tried to burn off some of those calories from the night before. Also, in exciting news, I did my standing tuck by myself on the cheese mat (wedge) and I landed! Alleluia! Then I gained back all those burned calories when I ate pizza for lunch and I helped my mom make a turkey and potatoes and stuffing for dinner. I know! Who eats a "thanksgiving meal" when thanksgiving is literally like 2 weeks away? In my mom's defense, thanksgiving food was on sale so we're eating it now and then! But it was really yummy and I made some freaking amazing garlic mashed potatoes if I do say so myself! Then that leads us to today. I woke up and realized I have a mountain of homework that I've been trying to do today! That being said, I did watch a lot of television (american dad when I was writing some psych and english papers) and movies (the internship) but I got most of my homework done! So I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting as much on this blog especially  lately, but I will put in more effort now! Also, come check back in a few days because I'll put up my Inspirational Quotes post a little late this week too! LOL procrastination at its best :P
So I'll see you in a few day!

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