Monday, November 25, 2013

So Sore!

Hey guys!
So I had gymnastics yesterday and I was working on my standing tucks for literally like an hour straight! I was doing them off of a panel mat onto a foam mat by myself! It was so I wouldn't hurt if I ate it on my face because I can't land it right, but it was on a flat surface so it was still sort of the same thing! But today I woke up and I'm so sore! My abs hurt from the action of "tucking" because literally that's all abs! But then my back hurts too and so does my neck! Its so crazy and I've been popping the pills today! Haha this is such a random post and I have no clue why I'm writing it, but that's a little update on my life today! I'll try to post more things like these because I think its fun to give you guys little sneak peaks into my life!

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