Friday, November 8, 2013

Yet another injury...

Hey everyone!
So I sort of popped my shoulder again! I know what you're thinking "didn't you just dislocate your shoulder like 2 months ago?" and yes, in fact I did, but I re-injured it again. So this post will be on my injury so if you want to hear more about it, then keep reading!
So I was doing a shoulder sit, where I lift a girl up and over my head so she sits on my shoulders. Its pretty simple and I was doing it pretty easily! Then one time when we were doing it, when she jumped up and I was lifting her, my shoulder rolled. It didn't roll all the way out of the socket, but it got to the edge of the socket and back in. It hurt and stung a bit at first, but it wasn't anything near the pain I felt the first time I dislocated my shoulder. That could be because I was used to the feeling of my shoulder popping out, because I knew my shoulder was "looser", or because it wasn't as severe as the first time! But it was still scary as heck! After that, we were supposed to go and do a little bit of weight lifting, but I didn't do any arm lifts or shoulder exercises because I was deathly afraid of making the injury first, although after the first 10 minutes after it popped, it didn't hurt as much. And now its a day later, and I have my full range of motion (yay!) but it is a little sore and painful when I try to lift my arms all the way up or move it in certain ways, and it does feel like a lot of dead weight, but I think I'll recover quickly!
So that was pretty much it! If you have any experience with recurring shoulder dislocations, let me know how you deal with it because I am trying as hard as possible to strengthen my shoulder so it doesn't pop out because I know if it keeps happening, I'll have to get surgery!

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