Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 10: Christmasy Quotes of the Week!

Hi everyone!
So instead of my usual inspirational quotes of the week, I thought that from now until christmas I could do christmas themed ones! So I found three of my all time favorite quotes from my all time favorite Christmas movie: Elf. So courtesy of Buddy, here are my three favorite quotes of the week!

What would this post be without the quintessential Buddy quote? But really, I love this quote and I think that its really true! My family is really into singing Christmas carols badly, and it is a tradition that always gets me in the mood for Christmas!

This quote is my life. I think I already put this in another quotes post, but its worth adding in again! I love this so much and if I had a life mantra, this would be it! 

Another really cute quote! I love this part of the movie the best (when he attacks "fake santa") and this quote makes me smile and laugh every time I see it!

So those were my Christmasy quotes of the week! Let me know if you like the christmas quote idea or if you'd rather me do my normal inspirational quotes in the comments and check my other blog tomorrow for another christmas countdown post!

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