Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 4: My Christmas Decor

Hey guys!
So this post will be all about my christmas decor! It'll be kind of long, so I'll get right into it!

This is my Christmas Tree! It is fake and it has both white and colored lights in it! My family does a lot of the decorating so we have a wide array of ornaments on it, but disney ones are a recurring trend on the tree! Also, instead of a star or a angel, we have Tinkerbell! Haha we really do love our disney in my house!

This is right above my couch. It is just a couple strands of white lights and a fabric christmas wreath that we've had for forever! 

 Advent calendars are big in my house! This one's mine and I actually made it from a kit the other year and I love it! We also have a little wooden Santa behind it and a picture of my sister and santa next to it! 
 Our stockings! I kind of want to spread it out more, but we all have ones from when we were little and although our family all has different ones, they fit each of us really well! I'm minnie mouse by the way :D

Haha another advent calendar! This ones my sister's! It's nutcracker themed and she loves it so much! 

So that was my christmas decor! Make sure to check out my other blog tomorrow for a new Christmas Countdown post and follow this blog!

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