Saturday, January 4, 2014

Did I keep my 2013 resolutions?

So I know that the majority of people don't end up keeping their new years resolutions past February, so I thought it would be fun to look up my 2013 resolutions and see if I actually achieved them! 

Resolution #1: Keep my room clean
I sort of kept this one! My room wasn't the cleanest at some times this year, but currently it's very neat and I think that it's been mostly clean this year!

Resolution #2: Floss nightly
Yes! I tried my hardest to keep this resolution and I can honestly say that I only missed 20 days at the most and that I've flossed nearly every night this year! 

Resolution #3: Eat a serving of fruits and vegetables at each meal
I did not keep this one! I was really good about trying to sneak in more vegetables, but I couldn't get them in at every single meal! This will probably be a resolution for 2014 too!

Resolution #4: Pray every night
I didn't keep this resolution either. I am actually really sad that I didn't keep this one because I think that praying would have been extremely helpful for me after my shoulder dislocation and all that other stuff, but I'll carry this resolution on to next year too!

Resolution #5: Get license and/or permit!
Haha I barely met this resolution! I only just got my drivers permit on Christmas Eve!

So as you can see, it's kind of a mixed plate! I kept 2 of my resolutions, sort of kept 1, and didn't at all keep 2 of them. I think that it was really interesting to reevaluate after a year has gone by and I challenge all of you guys to see if you kept your 2013 resolutions!

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