Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello y'all! 
So I haven't been posting on this blog or my other one as much this week, but that's because I've had my finals! So this is sort of an update on my life this past (stressful) week so if you want to know about school and all that jazz, keep reading!
It is nearing the end of the first semester of school for me (it ends after my last final tomorrow) and I have had my finals this week. I know it's kind of weird saying that this is the first week back from winter break, but that can't be helped!
This semester I took 6 classes, but two of them don't have finals (english and child development psychology). On wednesday I had my AP United States History test and today I had my Spanish test and my AP Biology test. They were pretty uneventful, and they all went pretty okay in my opinion. I also got my schedule for next semester and I am taking 6 classes next semester (AP US History, AP Biology, Algebra 2, English, Glass Blowing, Spanish). I am super excited for Glass Blowing because it is something very unique to the school I go to and I believe that we are the only school in the nation to have a glass blowing lab on campus! I think that it sounds like so much fun! 
So this was kind of a pointless and random post, but I thought that you guys should know what has been going on in my life these past few days! I promise that I'll be posting more frequently after this week is over and leave comments below with post suggestions!

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