Friday, January 3, 2014

My 2014 New Year Resolutions

Hi everyone!
So I wanted to do a quick post on my 2014 New Year Resolutions! I did a inspiration for 2014 post on my other blog, so if you'd like to see that post (which you should!) I'll link it here.

1) Be more productive
I really want to try watching less television and do more! I think that this is a goal that a lot of people have and I'm thinking of doing an entire post on how to increase productivity in your life!

2) Eat more fruits and vegetables
I am a huge carb eater! I seriously eat carbs 24/7, but this year I want to start switching it up and getting my carbs from fruits and vegetables instead of grains. 

3) Go makeup free one day a week
I love makeup. It is my hobby and my passion, but I really want to try going makeup free one day a week this year because I think it's important for me to feel good in my own skin and this will force me to stop covering up. 

4) Make time for myself once a week
I get really caught up in life and I want to set aside one day a week for pampering myself. I've heard that you can't love someone until you love yourself and I want to pamper myself so that I'm happier!

So those were my 2014 New Year Resolutions! I'd love to hear what your resolutions are and maybe take some of your resolutions and make them mines too! Leave comments below for future blog posts too!

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