Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nutrition Inspiration

Hey everyone!
So I have a nutrition inspiration post for you guys! I am super excited for this and I loved doing my last nutrition inspiration post so I'm doing it again! Let's get started!

Doesn't this look absolutely fantastic? I really want to cook more often this year because cooking is something that I really love to do, but I want to also cook more healthy. I love quinoa, but I usually opt for cooking pasta or something a little less healthy instead of it and I want to make an effort to cook healthy things that I love to eat! Also, this just looks like a fabulous quinoa salad!

I also want to drink more vegetables. I have been drinking green smoothies, but not as much as I'd like to. I love green smoothies because it gets in vegetables like kale, which I wouldn't normally eat, into my diet! My current favorite green smoothie is 1 kiwi, a lot of kale, orange juice, and a frozen banana!

I also want to drink more water this year! I want to do some water infusions like the one in the picture because they are a great alternative to juice and soda! I also think that it looks really pretty!

So that was my nutrition inspiration for you guys! I really want to do more nutrition posts, so I'll probably start that up in February after I'm done writing and posting all of my advice posts! Let me know what you're nutrition inspiration is and what your goals are in the comments!

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