Friday, February 14, 2014

"Do You Blaze?"

Hello wonderful people!
So today I was hanging out with one of my friends and her boyfriend, so yes I guess technically I was third wheeling on them but whatever. I don't really know her boyfriend all that well, I mean I've hung out with them a couple times in the past, but I wouldn't say we're friends or close or anything like that. So today I was in the car with them and he asks me "do you blaze?" I have no clue if its just me or if others feel this way, but I was like what the fuck? Like who asks someone that? I get if you're friends and your joking or if you're getting serious with a boy or something, but if you're acquaintances isn't that a little weird? By the way, if you're not from America, he was asking if I smoke marijuana, which I don't by the way and never will. It's just like what is society coming to if this is what people ask! Instead of a "hows it going" or "nice to meet you" it's "do you blaze?"! Like what is wrong with the world! Plus, in Hawaii it is still illegal to smoke marijuana and I am underage so I wouldn't be allowed to even if it was legal just in case you were wondering. 
That was such a random rant post thing, but let me know below if this has ever happened to you! It was totally a first for me and I was really taken off guard because its such a weird question to get from someone who's pretty much a stranger. Also, follow me on bloglovin for more musings!

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