Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lazy Days...

So this is a what's been going on with me type post so it might get really long and rambly! 
Well it's been a while since we've talked guys! It's the last official week of school this week, but I have finals on tuesday and wednesday. Since AP exams are over, I have lots and lots of free time (yay!) but not a lot of people to hang out with on three or four hour breaks in the middle of day, so that is kind of a catch 22. With the shoulder, I have my pre-op appointment next week thursday I believe and I have my surgery the following wednesday (so two weeks from today!) I am kind of really nervous about it, not so much the actual surgery portion, but the anesthesia because I've never been under before and it freaks me out that they're going to stick a tube down my throat and if I wake up in the middle of the surgery and people don't notice or something. It's so scary to think about, but hopefully none of that happens! Something that's been really annoying to me within the beauty blogging community lately is that there isn't a lot of support within the community. Some girl like Hope from Beauty and Bliss, Cali from Cali Jae, Rebecca from More Rebe, and Ivy from Style Life Lovely are wonderful and amazing and I understand that some girls totally aren't like this at all, but I feel like some bloggers are really competitive or something especially when it comes to challenges! Like on the bloggers do it better or 2014 blogger challenge pages we have tons of girls posting their posts asking for views, but the majority of these same girls don't read other people's posts! I don't comment on all of the posts, but I sure try to read all of them at least! Like I don't understand if it's just that people are inconsiderate, or too busy, or don't feel like it, but I think that this community of bloggers would be so much better if there was more interaction and communication! Let me know your thoughts on that in the comments below! Also, just a heads up I'm going to try pre-write as many posts as I can this week and next week because when I have my surgery I'm going to be in a sling and I don't think that I'll want to type with one hand! Also, I have to return my laptop next week (it's school issued) so I might not be as on top of my social media and replying to comments as I'll be doing it from a desktop computer, ipad, or phone!

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