Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ahhhh! Wisdom Teeth!!!

Hey everyone!
So I found a laptop that would work so I can do blog posts for the next month although maybe not videos since this laptop runs on windows and I'm not quite sure how to use windows movie maker or whatever it's called. But that's good because you're going to get more updatey type posts from me here! ...and I'm gonna try post more frequently (although now that I've written it I'll probably break that promise!) 

So yesterday I was dying my hair "red". It's "red" because to the naked eye it looks the same. Like brownish blackish not very red to the naked eye, but in the sun it looks red, so I'm not quite sure what to do about that. I'll do a review on the product I used on my blog or youtube channel in the coming days? weeks? month? So I'll post again when that's up. 

My shoulder's been pretty much the same. I am not quite sure if I've shared this with you guys but I've been in a lot more pain than usual lately because my biceps tendon has been agitated and inflamed so it has caused sharp, stabbing pain down the arm. But I've started using weights when I've been going to physical therapy so that's good! 

Well so now we get to the point of the post! I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week! Yep August 2nd! So I have been a little bit scared about it mostly because I react badly to Hydrocodone and Codeine and all the medicines in that category so I'm stuck with tylenol for the pain after I get my teeth out. So that brings me to my point! I need you guys to help prepare me for the pain by telling me how your pain was after you got your wisdom teeth taken out in the comments! Please, please, please help me because I'm kind of freaking just a little bit right now! Also let me know what kinds of food you liked eating after you got your wisdom teeth out and if you have any tricks and tips for surviving it. 

I think that's it for this post! Let me know down below if you like these types of posts too because I really enjoy writing them. If you don't like these posts, let me know too so I can prep some more interesting stuff! Also, my Throughout the Year Kindergarten video will be going up later this week so look out for that!

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