Saturday, July 19, 2014

Best Fitness Websites!

Hey guys! 
So I know that when you're trying to get in shape, a little bit of reading material online is nice to have! I pulled together a list of some of my favorite fitness websites so that you can have motivation at the tips of your fingers!

1) Fitsugar!
This website is amazing because it takes some great articles from other websites and consolidates them into one feed! It also includes diet and fitness articles and some yoga and fitness routines!

2) Self
Self is one of my favorite fitness magazines and the website is just as good! I love when they have celebs spill on their diet and fitness routines!

3) Glamour
I love this website for the recipes! I also love how they have some articles and other things that are great at inspiring you to get healthy!

That's my top 3 favorite fitness websites, but I also love Cosmo for the health articles, Shape for workout routines, and Health for more health articles! Let me know what your favorite fitness websites are in the comments!

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