Friday, July 18, 2014

BRB: Currently Fangirling

Helloooo friends!
So today was so totally not my day from the start. I woke up with the puffiest face (probs cuz I was crying all last night but I'm not going into that) and makeup looked like crap on me. I had a tiny fight with a friend then I had to catch the bus to starbucks and wait there for 4 hours while my mom finished working because I had some family stuff going on that prevented me from coming straight home. It was so productive with me getting like 6 blog posts done for the beauty blog and 2 throughout the years vids edited, but I was still really tired and puffy faced and just not having the best day. Until Chrissy Costanza saw my tweet about her making me fall in love with the blackberry mojito tea lemonade at starbucks and followed me back! I'm so in love with Chrissy and her music and videos and she seems like the kind of person that everyone would want to be friends with. It totally made me so happy after the crap day I had and I have no words for how something so small as a follow can make me feel so much better and so much happier. 
So that was kinda a random post, but I haven't done many random posts in a while, so I thought why not? Follow me on twitter here and also follow Chrissy because her singing voice is amaze! Love ya all!

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