Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #14

Hey guys!
So just like I promised, I'm trying to write these posts more often and I have some great quotes for y'all this week! Let's get started!

I love this quote! I think that this is true for everyone no matter what age or grade you are. This is something that is so powerful for me and I am going to make an effort to try and remember it every day and apply it in my life!

Following your dreams is something that I've been really big on lately. I made a couple posts about this on my other blog because it's important for everyone to do what they love! 

Another general quote that is applicable to everyone! I hope all of you apply this into your everyday life and always choose joy and happiness over sadness or anger!

So those are my inspirational quotes of the week! I hope you enjoyed this, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin because I'm doing a giveaway on my other blog once I reach 200!

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