Monday, September 29, 2014

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #17

Hey guys!
I meant for this to go up on sunday, but better late than never, right? So these are my four favorite quotes of the week! As usual, all of these pics are taken from pinterest! 

I love this quote! I am a huge "look on the bright side" person, and this quote is a less cliche way of saying it! 

We're all getting lots of homework and have tons of things to do each day, but this quote helps to put everything in perspective for me because for every person that's complaining about their job, there's another who's unemployed. 

Love this quote! I am a huge believer in taking a risk if you believe it'll make you happy in the end. The greatest things in the world were create by risk takers, and having the ability to go after your dreams and fight for something you want is amazing. 

This last quote is for all you bloggers and youtubers out there! It's so easy for one negative comment to outshine the tons of positive ones, but don't take it to heart because you are doing great things with your life :D

So let me know what your favorite quotes of the week are, and follow me on bloglovin because I've been posting a ton  lately! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shoulder Surgery (Bankart Repair) Experience

Hi guys!
So I promised that I'd do this video as soon as my surgeon cleared me, and I finally filmed this video today! It's all about my shoulder surgery (bankart repair) and the event leading up to the surgery (how I injured it, pre-op, day of surgery) and the recovery after it (rehabilitation). If you open the video in youtube, you can see the description box, and the times where I talk about all of these things, or you could watch the whole thing through!

I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you're getting a bankart repair on your shoulder and have questions about it, please feel free to leave them in a comment or tweet them to me because I'd love to help you out! Also, don't forget to subscribe to this channel and give this video a thumbs up!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Song Favorites!

Hi guys!
I have a few song favorites that I wanted to share with you guys! I know that I do these posts twice a month at least, but they're fun and I change up my song favorites a lot!

Kongos - Come With Me Now
I love this song so much and it never gets old! 

Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
This song has been playing on the radio a lot lately, but I've still been really into it! It's definitely one of the better Taylor Swift songs (in my opinion)

Vance Joy - Riptide
This music video is the most bizarre thing in the world and the song lyrics are really random, but the song itself is awesome!

Coldplay - Sky Full of Stars
Love this song and I've been actually loving Coldplay a lot more lately! This is definitely a song I've played on replay a lot lately!

So those are my song favorites! Let me know what yours are in the comments, and don't forget to enter my giveaway!
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #16

Hi guys!
I have another inspirational quotes of the week post! I have 4 different ones for you today, so let's get started! Also, two of these quotes are from two of my favorite writers of all time (Fitzgerald and Kerouac)!

I love this quote! On my beauty/fashion blog today I posted a "how to achieve your dreams" video, and this quote totally goes along with the same idea! It's better to try something and fail, than to never try at all!

This quote isn't exactly inspirational, but it sums up everything that I want to achieve in my lifetime and what I want to do with my life!

Such a true statement! I tend to hold grudges and hold on to anger, but I've been making an effort not to and this quote just reaffirms that for me!

I love Kerouac and this quote is amazing! We need to make an effort to live a life we're proud of and that we are absolutely, positively in love with because it's the only life we get. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to enter my giveaway! 
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Giveaway Time!!!

Hey guys!
I'm so stoked for this post because it's a GIVEAWAY!!! I recently reached 200 followers on my bloglovin, and that is absolutely amazing for me! So here's the good stuff!

Prize: Your choice of a NYX palette (Natural, Adorable, or Smokey) and Your choice of a MAC Lipstick!

Nitty Gritty: 
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  2. United States Residents Only!!! I'm so sorry if you're international, but shipping is really expensive!
  3. If you're under 18, please get your parents permission to enter as I will be needing an address!
  4. Winners will be picked on 10/7/14 using! 

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So I hope that you guys enter this giveaway and are as excited as I am about this! Also, I haven't tried the NYX palettes, so I can't give an opinion on which is best, but if you win and want lipstick suggestions I'm all yours! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inspirational Quotes of the Week #15

Hi guys!
So I have another inspirational quotes of the week post for you today! I know it's been a while since my last one, but I've been super busy lately and I couldn't write one! Also, all of these pics are from pintrest, and if you'd like to follow me on pintrest, you can click here!

This is just a really adorable winnie the pooh quote that has an amazing message! I think that especially in that teenager/young adult stage people are so worried about fitting in, but standing out is even better and more amazing!

I love this quote because it's kind of the inspiration behind my blogs! I want to live the life that I want to live, and inspire you to live your greatest and best life! 

I think a lot of people get stuck in the victim mentality or they put themselves down thinking about how they aren't good or aren't successful, but that same effort could be put towards something great and productive!

So I'd like to say that I'm going to start making these a weekly thing like they were first intended, but the truth is I'm probably not going to. ...But I will say that I'll try and do them more often! Because these really are some of my favorite posts to write! Let me know in the comments what your thoughts on these quotes are an what your favorite quotes are!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Many Ways To Crack Your Back

Hi guys!
I have had back pain for a while now, originally from cheerleading, but now due to bad posture because of my shoulder surgery and recovery. I thought that I'd do a post on the many ways to crack your back because I have done it all and I've found ways that help a lot!

If You're Alone...

1) Foam Roller
Lie on your back, placing the foam roller under your spine. If you have long hair, tie it up because it is very painful if it gets tugged and caught in between the roller and floor! Then put your feet on the ground and use that to roll yourself on the roller! It's pretty much common sense! This works well (for me at least) on my mid back, but not so well on the upper back because the shoulder blades affect the pressure and make it harder to get some satisfying pops!

2) Shoulder Blade Squeeze
This is for a very specific area... Right between your shoulder blades! This is slightly harder and more painful, but the more you do it, the better and easier it gets! So clasp your hands behind your back and pull away from your body! You might get a few cracks in your upper back! 

3) Spinal Twists
There are two variations to this... the seated and the lying down. For the seated, you basically just twist your body to the side trying to lengthen your back and release any tension in the mid to lower back. If you're doing it lying down, lie down with both legs straight. Then bring one knee to your chest, and twist, bringing your knee to the opposite side (on the ground) and turning your head the other way. Personally, I do the sitting one more frequently, but they both work well!

If You've Got a Partner

1) Walk on the Back
This sounds scary, but it really isn't! You need someone at least 90 pounds to step on your back. Tell them to step side to side on the upper to mid back, trying to be careful on the lower back because it's softer and there's no rib cage as a barrier there! 

2) Push on the Back
The typical "cracking of the back". You'll lie on the ground (face down). You're partner will put their hands on either side of your spine starting at the top! They'll ask you to breathe in, and when you exhale, they'll push in and up, cracking the vertabrae! It's uncomfortable at first, but soon you and your partner will find the pressure that works and it'll feel amazing!

3) Sit on the Back
This one sounds bizarre, but it's what I've been using the most. If you want your upper back cracked, but stepping or pushing freaks you out, you'll lie on the ground face down. Your partner will sit on your back, facing your legs. They'll shift their weight back and forth, and that'll crack your back! My dad does this to me all the time because the other methods freak him out and although it sounds awkward, it works extremely well!

So those are the ways that I crack my back and what works the best for me! If you have upper back pain, I'd say you should definitely try it with a partner because sometimes you can't target that spot yourself! Let me know how you crack your back in the comments and I'll see you in my next post!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wisdom Teeth Experience & Advice!

Hi guys!
So a while back I did a wisdom teeth vlog showing my recovery that first week after they were pulled out, but this video is more on the what happened from the pre op to the recovery! I hope you enjoy it! Also, if you want to see that first vlog, click here!

So I hope you enjoyed this video! If it was useful for you, please give it a thumbs up! I promise the shoulder one is coming soon, but I'm just waiting until next week (9/18) because that's when I get cleared by my surgeon! Also, please subscribe to my channel and follow my blog (giveaway once I get 6 more blog followers!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Secret Blogging Means To Me

Hey guys!
So I recently did a Pros and Cons of Being a Secret Blogger post and a I'm Not a Secret Blogger Anymore post, and it dawned on me that I never fully specified what my definition of a secret blogger was, and I thought that it was something important to address today! 

First off, I want to say that I read an article on Anonymous Blogging and it freaked the heck outta me! If you've read that post and think that's what I am, I'm really sorry! Okay, so I am a real person. What you see is what you get and online I'm completely the same person that I am in real life! This is not a different persona that I'm portraying online. This is really me! I'm also, obviously, not a very good anonymous blogger because I make videos and post pictures and use social media all the time. I want to be as real with all of you guys as I can possibly be because it's those relationships between me and you that mean the world to me and I couldn't and would never want for it to be false. 

Next, my definition of a "secret blogger!" I honestly thought that I made this clear, but then I searched "secret blogger" and got that darned wikipedia article and though I should share with you guys what I meant. So by "secret blogging" I meant that the blogging portion of my life was completely separate from the personal side of my life. That the people who knew me in real life (for the most part) didn't know about my blog. And it works both ways too! You guys don't get to be in every aspect of my life, and my friends and family don't either! But once again, I'm still being me! That's just separate parts of me.

I think that this might have been the most confusing and gramatically incorrect post I've ever written, but that's okay! I'll probably edit this tomorrow or later tonight, but I wanted to get it up ASAP because it was important for me to make that distinction clear! Also, don't forget to follow my blog on bloglovin if you aren't already, because we need 8 more followers before I do a giveaway!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mondays Suck

So as I'm writing this, my parents are out of the house at a school thing for me, while I'm stuck at home babysitting my siblings, doing physics and english homework, with a sore stomach. I'm officially convinced that Mondays suck.

Today should have been an easy day for me because I only had two classes (spanish and pre calculus) and I had a ton of breaks! But instead, I was stuck with tons of homework (for pre calc, ap physics, european history, and english). I finished some of it at school (at least the pre calc and euro), but I was stuck with physics and english for home. I spent literally probably over 3 hours today alone on homework and I still haven't done my english homework yet. Mondays suck.

And right now I'm typing this out, hunched over, with a cup of mint tea trying to calm my stomach. I felt fine all day, then right after I ate dinner (rice, chicken, and tofu) it has been sore and upset and just horrible. I have no clue exactly what caused this. I would suspect the dinner made me sick, but I really don't know.

So that leaves me where I'm at right now. I've been running to the bathroom every ten minutes, and probably twice since I started this post, and trying to study for my pre calculus test tomorrow and write an essay for english.

Mondays suck.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Madi With A Blog

Hey guys!
So my sister, Madison, has recently started "blogging!" I put it in quotations, as she is speaking and I'm transcribing it for her as she's only 6 and can't type yet. It's called Madi With A Blog and it's on everything and anything, but written from a 6 year old's perspective! Both Madi and I would love for you to check out and possibly follow her blog! We're going to try post daily for you guys :D

So I really hope you check it out! You can go to or click here, to see it and if you'd like to follow it on bloglovin, click here!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brand New Weekly Newsletter!

Hey guys!
So I've decided to do a weekly newsletter for my blogs! It'll include links to all of that week's post (for both blogs!) as well as other things that you'll have to subscribe to see! 

In the newsletter, you can expect...
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If you don't follow me on bloglovin or social media, this could be a good way to stay up to date on my posts!

To get on my mailing list, enter your email in the banner at the top of the page! I promise it's secure and it'll never be shared or sold to anyone except me! Also, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin if you aren't already, because there's a giveaway (open to all US residents) once I reach 200 followers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Food Finds!

Hey guys!
I always talk about how food obsessed I am, yet almost none of my posts are on food! I decided to change that and show you some foods I've found on Pinterest that I want to replicate! Here are my food finds!

This looks amaze although the picture is bad quality! I love caprese salad and this has all the components of it in a pasta dish! It doesn't seem to have a dressing or sauce in the photo, and if I replicated it, I would use a pesto sauce!

This is a sweet potato burger. I love the sweetness of the sweet potato, and if you throw in some chili flakes, it could be a spicy burger with the creaminess of the avocado. I love this because it seems filling without containing any meat! This could be great for your #meatlessmondays or any day!

I'm sure everyone has seen the infamous avocado egg, but the thing I love about this is how you can change the flavor profile! My friend eats this all the time and she said that the simplist is salt and pepper, but she also loves garlic salt, or a squeeze of lemon, chives, basil, or even chili flakes! 

This is so simple, but I love the colors of it! I'd probably add in raspberries and kiwis because that's what I love, but the great thing about this is the versatility!

So I hope you enjoy these food finds! Let me know what your favorite meals are and if you have any dishes I should try replicate at home! Also, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's truth

Hey guys!
So I've been going through some personal stuff that I'm not quite comfortable sharing on the blog at this point in time although I feel it'll be covered in a post eventually. As most of you know, when I have strong feelings and emotions I throw it into blog posts mainly on this blog, but sometimes on the other blog as well. Part of a conflict in my life at this moment is about miscommunication. Actually, not so much miscommunication as much as misunderstanding or misinterpretation. And this has lead me to the question of what is truth? 

I know that most authors are concerned with the overall emotion and feeling when their books are being made into movies and that's pretty much how I am. I remember memories less in the details and more in the emotions and how I felt at that moment in time. My version of the truth is the emotional core of whatever I felt at that moment.

Other people take truth as factual and detailed. They believe that the "truth" is not so much emotional, but black and white, and a fact. Personally, I think that this is true in works of science or math, but within human interactions, it's hard for there to be such a straight line between true and false, right or wrong, or fact and fiction.

Then there's also intent. Is the truth what you intended when you said it? Is it not your fault if someone reacts to something you've said negatively because you didn't intended it to be such? 

I think that human interaction is so complex because every individual is so vastly different. I honestly always go by emotional truths within interactions so I'll apologize if I've hurt someone regardless of if my intent was good. The problem really is when people think that their way is law. That another person is overreacting for seeing things differently. That seeing things differently automatically makes someone wrong.

So I ended that post on a bit of a downer! I'm sorry for that! But I thought this was an interesting idea and that it's crazy to think that there are a million different ways to perceive a situation and yet very few to resolving them. Um so if you want a happier post, come back tomorrow! I think one about food will be posted tomorrow! I love you guys all so much and I'd love to read your thoughts on this, if you're willing to leave it in a comment! Also, follow me on bloglovin! I'm doing a giveaway once I get 16 more followers!


Hi guys!
This is going to be an update post because I haven't written one in what seems like forever and I wanted to share! 

So school started last week thursday and I'm already feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I guess that over the summer it never really hit me that this was my last year in my high school and that what I do in the next few months impacts the rest of my life and my future. That's just an insane and scary thought for me and it's slowly sinking in. I'm also trying to get on my college apps and essays and I have a whole bunch of school things such as auditions for a dance/singing/acting production thing and putting together my senior section of the yearbook and it's just stressing me out so much.

I've also been having insane amounts of homework from my AP physics class! I'm taking 1&2 this year (so its like 2 years of material in one year), but the amount of homework is crazy! On the first day of class we got 9 pages to work on as class/homework! 

Today, as I'm writing this, I learned that one of the teachers at my school unfortunately passed away during a ocean swim event. I never had him as a teacher and I've never talked to him in my life, but I know friends who had and he was a large part of the school I go to. 

With my shoulder, I am starting to realize my physical limitations with it in terms of strength. I am definitely recovering, but I'm honestly skeptical if I will actually be cleared on September 18th because I am having problems with push ups and I feel like I'm not as strong as I should be right now. My tendonitis of my biceps tendon has also been coming off and on over the weekend, but luckily for me, right now it's "off". 

And with blogging and youtubing, I don't want to say this, but it really is the lowest priority on my list right now, although I don't have any plans to stop or take a break from it! I might not post as frequently as I had before, but I'm striving for every other day at this point. 

So that's pretty much what's going on in my life right now. I'm very stressed and overwhelmed, but I hope that I'll find my "balance" and "rhythm" in a few weeks and it'll get better after that!