Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Secret Blogging Means To Me

Hey guys!
So I recently did a Pros and Cons of Being a Secret Blogger post and a I'm Not a Secret Blogger Anymore post, and it dawned on me that I never fully specified what my definition of a secret blogger was, and I thought that it was something important to address today! 

First off, I want to say that I read an article on Anonymous Blogging and it freaked the heck outta me! If you've read that post and think that's what I am, I'm really sorry! Okay, so I am a real person. What you see is what you get and online I'm completely the same person that I am in real life! This is not a different persona that I'm portraying online. This is really me! I'm also, obviously, not a very good anonymous blogger because I make videos and post pictures and use social media all the time. I want to be as real with all of you guys as I can possibly be because it's those relationships between me and you that mean the world to me and I couldn't and would never want for it to be false. 

Next, my definition of a "secret blogger!" I honestly thought that I made this clear, but then I searched "secret blogger" and got that darned wikipedia article and though I should share with you guys what I meant. So by "secret blogging" I meant that the blogging portion of my life was completely separate from the personal side of my life. That the people who knew me in real life (for the most part) didn't know about my blog. And it works both ways too! You guys don't get to be in every aspect of my life, and my friends and family don't either! But once again, I'm still being me! That's just separate parts of me.

I think that this might have been the most confusing and gramatically incorrect post I've ever written, but that's okay! I'll probably edit this tomorrow or later tonight, but I wanted to get it up ASAP because it was important for me to make that distinction clear! Also, don't forget to follow my blog on bloglovin if you aren't already, because we need 8 more followers before I do a giveaway!

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