Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's truth

Hey guys!
So I've been going through some personal stuff that I'm not quite comfortable sharing on the blog at this point in time although I feel it'll be covered in a post eventually. As most of you know, when I have strong feelings and emotions I throw it into blog posts mainly on this blog, but sometimes on the other blog as well. Part of a conflict in my life at this moment is about miscommunication. Actually, not so much miscommunication as much as misunderstanding or misinterpretation. And this has lead me to the question of what is truth? 

I know that most authors are concerned with the overall emotion and feeling when their books are being made into movies and that's pretty much how I am. I remember memories less in the details and more in the emotions and how I felt at that moment in time. My version of the truth is the emotional core of whatever I felt at that moment.

Other people take truth as factual and detailed. They believe that the "truth" is not so much emotional, but black and white, and a fact. Personally, I think that this is true in works of science or math, but within human interactions, it's hard for there to be such a straight line between true and false, right or wrong, or fact and fiction.

Then there's also intent. Is the truth what you intended when you said it? Is it not your fault if someone reacts to something you've said negatively because you didn't intended it to be such? 

I think that human interaction is so complex because every individual is so vastly different. I honestly always go by emotional truths within interactions so I'll apologize if I've hurt someone regardless of if my intent was good. The problem really is when people think that their way is law. That another person is overreacting for seeing things differently. That seeing things differently automatically makes someone wrong.

So I ended that post on a bit of a downer! I'm sorry for that! But I thought this was an interesting idea and that it's crazy to think that there are a million different ways to perceive a situation and yet very few to resolving them. Um so if you want a happier post, come back tomorrow! I think one about food will be posted tomorrow! I love you guys all so much and I'd love to read your thoughts on this, if you're willing to leave it in a comment! Also, follow me on bloglovin! I'm doing a giveaway once I get 16 more followers!

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