Thursday, January 29, 2015

Netflix TAG!

Hey everyone!
As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Netflix, and I pretty much watch it non-stop! I heard about the Netflix tag that's been going around the blogosphere, and I thought that I'd do it today for you all! 

1) What are your favorite series on Netflix?
Gossip Girl, Undercover Boss, The Office, Parks and Recreation, the Twilight Zone, Friends, and Dance Moms!

2) What are you currently watching on Netflix?
I've been trying to watch through all of the seasons of Parks and Recreation. I'm somewhere in season five right now, and I've been doing around an episode a day! I'm also watching some Gossip Girl too!

3) If you could have any series put on Netflix, what would it be?
SHARK TANK! I'm literally obsessed with the show, and there's like 6 seasons so I would go crazy watching each episode a billion times!

4) What's your one pet peeve about Netflix?
When it takes forever to buffer!

5) What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?
Candy! Especially Redvines or SnowCaps! Also, a really fluffy blanket and hot chocolate, coffee, or diet coke to drink!

6) Recommend one series or film for someone else!
I guess it depends on what you like! My favorite movie I've watched on Netflix would be either Breakfast at Tiffany's, Human Centipede, or World War Z. My favorite television shows would be Gossip Girl, Parks and Rec, the Office, and Friends! Haha that's wayyyy more than one series, but oh well! 

So I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what you love to watch on netflix, and don't forget to check out my links!
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